“A piece of knowledge,

unlike a piece of physical property,

can be shared by large groups of people

without making anybody poorer.”

― Aaron Swartz

The Future of Textbooks


TinaUlrichOER  | OER Consultant


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I am a professional librarian with ten years experience as the director of a community college library.  Under my leadership, our faculty saved students over $1.2 million in three years by adopting open textbooks and teaching with free or low-cost materials.  Our OER Team received the 2019 Staff Excellence Award.


My goal is to help creative and conscientious teachers find and organize free and open text materials into a format that will enable them to do their best work.


I have served on the Michigan Academic Library Association’s Board and as chair of the OER Interest Group.  I have received recognition from the Community College Consortium for OER.  I am a certified Creative Commons librarian.


  • Leading faculty professional development events

  • Working with OER task forces and committees to plan events and develop strategies

  • Talking to student groups about how they can support OER efforts on campus

  • Connecting faculty and staff with expertise in the larger OER community

supporting faculty

  • Searching OER repositories for appropriate resources

  • Clarifying licensing and copyright issues

  • Aligning course materials with learning outcomes

  • Finding slides, assessments, and other auxiliary materials
  • Advising on workflow and timing for making the transition

adapting textbooks

  • Formatting remixed OER textbooks for printing

  • Finding openly licensed images to use in OER slides and textbooks

  • Giving options for the best format for student access

  • Working with bookstores and online printing sites to make print copies of OER textbooks available to students

  • Aligning materials with accessibility standards



Professor  |  Department of English Language and Literature

Cantral Michigan University

When it comes to finding pertinent OER materials for instructors across the disciplines, nobody does it better than Tina Ulrich.  We could not have created ZTC (Zero Textbook Cost) curriculums for our composition courses without her expert assistance.  I often doubted we could locate suitable OER readings for our unique curricular requirements, but Tina found exactly what we needed every time!  

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